Just came across a new icon editor the today called IcoFX and initial impressions are pretty good!

Well, for a start it works on vista which the last program I was using didn’t (SnIco). I kinda liked SnIco, it was simple and did the job but unfortunately it had a few quirks and lost my interest. It also seems to have been not updated for some time.

So far it looks like IcoFX is going to fill this void very nicely. Lots of features it seem but they don’t get in your way.

And most importantly, its free!


Note: We are not affiliated with this program, just thought it was cool.

Update (24-12-2007) – It seems that the IcoFX site is down at the moment for whatever reason. If you have a look on your favourite search engine you should be able to find a link to a download elsewhere. Try google for example.