If you do any work with embedding the WebBrowser control in any programming language you might find this helpful. I am kind of surprised that I had not heard of this until now, I just assumed that the WebBrowser control would simply use the most recent version of IE available by default but it turns out this is not the case!


For IE 8 and later the default emulation mode is IE7 Standards mode!!

From what I have seen there are two different ways to make sure of which rendering mode is used by IE and depending on your situation one may be more suitable than the other.


Add an entry to the FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION registry key as noted in this stackoverflow answer.

Note the comments about Wow6432Node if you are running 64-bit windows!

Method 2 – X-UA-Compatible

As also noted in a different answer from the same stackoverflow linked above you can also add this to the HTML page:

As an example, this is the way a project I am working on at the moment looks both with and without the X-UA-Compatible meta tag:

Without X-UA-Compatible With X-UA-Compatible !!


As you can see, this can make a fair bit of difference depending on what you are doing in the HTML!