I was playing with this technique a lot over the past few weeks. There is a lot of work coming up to integrate clarion with .Net components and if there was a way to do so without having to register them using regasm before they could be used that would be really, really awesome.

See the thread “COM Gurus – Need some help & advice” on comp.lang.clarion newsgroup for some further discussion.

Long story short, I was able to get it partly working. With the right manifest you can use a COM object from clarion just fine without registration. Unfortunately this does not extend to placing user controls in a Clarion OLE control which is pretty much all I was after.

Clarion calling .Net COM reg-free!


All is not lost, I think there are still a few ways this could be achieved but for now I have had to shelve the project in deference to more financially immediate concerns… such as you know, paid work Smile

See the repo I created on GitHub for an example project, more information and some links to where I think it could go next – https://github.com/fushnisoft/ClarionRegFreeCOM