The inspiration for this post came from a newsgroup message I read yesterday by JP.

Clarion IDE Fonts & save your eyes ? 17/12/2005 3:44:38 PM

I found that by careful tweaking of the registry values it was possible to alter the fonts used by the Clarion IDE!

It’s not quite as straight forward as simply specifying the fonts you want as it seems that not all fonts will be accepted. I have no idea if this is the Clarion IDE or the windows font substitutions fault but I think it is best to take what you can get at this point!

Important Note:
It is required to restart Windows to allow a new or changed font substitution to take effect.

First, lets go straight to the before and after pictures:

Before: Booooring! After: Fully Customized IDE!

And now for a little more detail on just how this works…