(19th Nov 2010) * System is back up and running now but I have a bit of work to catch up on! I will add then “after” benchmark soon… things are looking pretty good so far though 🙂

It has been a pretty busy last few weeks with all the addins coming out. Thanks to both Dave from ClarionMag and Arnor from Icetips for the mention on their blogs! On top of that I am in the process of upgrading all the systems here as well as preparing for a visit with to the family (24hours on planes… yuck!).

Anyway, a quick explanation as to why things have been a little quieter… I noticed a while ago that some of my systems are not so cutting edge anymore. Not that I have ever been a fan of staying on the absolute bleeding edge of technology, that is just way to expensive for too little gain, but I certainly have a large enough of a geek streak to want to at least keep up Smile.

It has been a little tricky sourcing RAM for my main workstation as the motherboard seems to be very picky about what you put in it. Eventually though I found on eBay some of the exact same memory as I currently have installed and for super cheap too. That along with some new CPUs and a Solid State drive I think we can keep up.

So I am going from this:

Motherboard: Tyan Tiger K8WE (S2877)
RAM 4GB Corsair DDR400
CPU 2 x Opteron 252
Storage 2 x WD360GD Raptor 36.7 GB (RAID 0), 1 x WD5000 (500GB), 1 x WD2500JS (250 GB)
Cooling Zalman Reserator 1 v2 (cooling both CPUs)
OS Vista Ultimate 64 bit
Benchmark Tyan K8WE - before upgradeLarge version here


To this:

Motherboard Tyan Tiger K8WE (S2877)
RAM 6GB Corsair DDR400
CPU 2 x Opteron 285
Storage OCZ Vertex 2 SSD (120 GB), 2 x WD360GD Raptor 36.7 GB (no raid anymore but one drive each for my main VMs), 1 x WD5000 (500GB)
Cooling Zalman Reserator 1 v2 (cooling both CPUs… I hope it can keep up with the new Opterons!)
OS Windows 7 64 bit (hopefully it will work ok with this old chipset!)
Benchmark coming soon…

Total cost of parts: 310 €

At first it was tough trying to decide between upgrading or starting with all new components until I noticed that the Opteron 285s are ranked 100th overall on cpubenchmark.net with a “passmark” of  3089 (which seems to be equivalent of something like Intel Core i5 660). The current Opteron 252s get a rating of 733 with a rank of 599! I figured that having two of those babies at 80 euros for both was way better than some silly little intel toy (bah!) at well over several hundred euros (+ new motherboard, ram, case etc,etc!). As long as the cooling system can keep them for cooking themselves things should start running nicely again. Plus, I will have assuaged the hardware geek in me for a little longer Smile


Stay tuned for more addin joy soon!