Can you come on next week and give us a short chat about what you are going to talk about at DevCon and why you want to go?

John{PROP:Hickey} & Arnold Young

I am coming to CIDC2013!

The last (and only!) Devcon I went to was the Aussie DevCon, Sydney 2007. Lots of fun though I only managed to meet a few of the visitors. Since then I have gotten to know a few more of you lovely Clarion folks online and I am looking forward to meeting everyone in person.

Of course I also hope to increase the profile for my Clarion related projects and demonstrate to everyone just how much their development lives can be improved 🙂 John and Arnold have helped out immensely with getting me over there for CIDC2013 and I am looking forward to a super conference!

The Project

Thursday September 26, 05:00 – 05:30 Webinar QR Code

Go check it out! –>

Simply put, this project is my new favorite toy. Ever since I realized it was possible I have wanted make a custom start page for the IDE. Finally it has begun… brings to you a stylish, integrated StartPage for the Clarion IDE and so much more besides!

We have half an hour including question time so it will be a run-through rather than a walk but expect to be inspired and amazed!

  • Never have you seen the IDE look so beautiful!
  • Super fast access to the things you use all the time. No messing around clicking refresh or navigating back to the same place every time.
  • Get a fresh insight into your solutions and source files with enhanced meta data.
  • Get connected with on-line and off-line resources you may have not realized you were missing out on!

If you don’t make it to the talk please do stop and chat if you see me around and grab one of the special CIDC2013 cards that I will have with me!

App Analytics

Friday September 27, 02:30 – 03:30

What are App Analytics? Find out here!

Think App as in “application software” not “Clarion APP file”…
Think Web Analytics such as Google Analytics, but for your desktop applications…

Learn how to gather real-time and relevant information about how your software is being used and to use that make development decisions based on actual data.

This is an hour long session including questions but there is a lot to cover! My plan it to focus on three main components, the .NET Interop used to talk to the Analytics API, the integration into a Clarion APP and of course looking at the data with the Piwik analytics platform.

  • Audience is encouraged to download and use the App Analytics enabled CIDC2013 to generate some data points.
  • See how App Analytics are implemented in the CIDC2013
  • Connect to a local LAMP stack running Piwik for development demonstration.
    • OS Metrics
    • DB Details
    • Usage Patterns
  • Show how the Clarion App Analytics connect to .NET using LoadLib on the Clarion side and DllExport on the .NET side.
  • Quick demonstration of .NET Piwik.Tracker implementation and exporting methods using DllExport
  • Analyzing the data on the Piwik platform and looking at the data generated by people at CIDC2013 using the App Analytics enabled CIDC2013!
  • Briefly discuss Piwik and the alternatives and why I choose to use Piwik.
    • Google Analytics
    • DeskMetrics
    • Open Web Analytics (OWA)
    • TrackerBird
    • Little software Stats
    • KissMetrics, Mint, Flurry, Countly, Mixpanel, etc!