Converting a lot of applications from C6 to C7 is a bit of a pain. For each application there can be up to 5 dialogs that need a user response. I am currently (still) involved in the testing stage of converting a multi-dll system to C7 that is also under active development (in C6 of course). This means that I need to re-convert the whole project every few days… I am really not interested in sitting around and clicking those silly dialogs every time so I created a script using AutoHotKey to do the work for me Smile


For those interested, this is the process:
(This is all triggered from a single batch file)

    1. Copy C6 apps to a new directory for C7 conversion
    2. Clean out destination directory of cwproj, sln, etc
    3. Launch AutoHotKey file
    4. Call Clarion7 with the “master” app file as a parameter so it auto opens.

The AutoHotKey script takes care of ALL of the dialogs, including adding all referenced apps to the project and even sets the path of the dictionary to the new root folder (the C6 project has sub folders which have been scrapped for the C7 version)

Once that is done, typically 10 minutes or so on my new machine, I click generate/build and sit back and wait! (yeah, it would be nice to also automate the generate/build… there might be an addin coming up for that to)

This is the AHK script, you may need to adjust it to suit your specific needs. Oh and Win+C will close the script.