Presenting the ClarionMetroWizard!

Topics Covered

Setting up

Some background


If a child class has the IMPLEMENTS attribute for an interface implemented above in it in the hierarchy, not all of the interface’s methods have to be overridden.

  • ce_TabList Class – Originally inspired I think by the office 2007 options window this class that I already had was a nice starting point for the metro wizard.
  • ce_MetroWizardForm Class – Finally the class that does the rest of the work!

Live Demo

  • Compile the project APP and look at some of the features
  • Implement in (if there is time)
    • Delete the SCHOOL004.clw from the solution
    • Compile and make sure it all looks normal.
    • Use the Students form as an example
    • Copy the required files into the directory
      • _classes
      • resources
    • Global embeds, After Global Includes
      • Include(‘’),ONCE
    • UpdateStudents procedure
      • re-arrange the form to work with the metro class
      • Enlarge the window and sheet
      • Shift all controls to the right and down a bit
      • Set Sheet tab location to left with a width of 100 or so.
      • Add Tab display prompts: ?PromptTabHeader, ?PromptTabDetail (make sure to set their tab order!)
      • Set some PROP:Tip text on the tabs
      • Set form background to COLOR:White
      • Add MetroForm class and Init
  • Demo of Trips2012 application that is using these wizard (and more!)

Bonus Features


Hopefully there is time to go through everything. The classes are pretty hacked together but they do what I need for now 🙂