So you are coming to my session at CIDC2013 right?!!


When: Friday September 27, Clarion International Developers Conference 2013
Where: Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, Florida
What: Brahn Partridge – App Analytics
Huh?: What are App Analytics? Find out here!

See the full shedule for more!

I have put all the source code and various bits and pieces for my sessions up on GitHub but I still need to do some finalizing. You are most welcome to go and find it and poke around but I am going to wait and post a link tomorrow once it is more complete.

But… I have a fully working App Analytics enables version of the ready to go!

Go on, get it here <–

(Zip file containing compiled application and all DLLs and stuff)

The only requirement is that you need the FULL .NETv4 framework. Not just the Client version!

Download the Full .NET v4 Framework.

I would love it if you could play around with it and build up some data before we get to the talk.

New features include:

  • Tracks some environment data like OS version
  • Logs most Event:Accepted events for menus and buttons
  • Contains “Rate Me” messages which are logged to the server for analysis!


See below for the Real-Time Map of users: