As mentioned in a previous post I have been working on a new StartPage for the Clarion IDE. This resulted in a crash course of ruby, jekyll, html, javascript and a whole bunch of other things in the last week with me scrabbling madly to get some structure in place for the new project. The details are still in a huge amount of flux but the basic idea is to have a super useful IDE StartPage that looks great and does what you need, and of course a bunch of other things you might need sometimes or might not but are also cool 🙂

Update 23 July 2013 – I have added another screenshot!!!

Update 29 July 2013 – Another screenshot, almost ready for general beta release!!

At the same time I am working hard on bringing all the ClarionAddins into the fold and compatibility with Clarion9 along the way. This is progressing well and I hope to have some results in a few weeks. The major push for the outline of this work is pretty much done. The next step is to workup a more details road-map showing what features are coming up and their expected delivery dates.

So this is really just a teaser at the moment but please ask questions and send feature requests!

image image image


Beta v2.1!



p.s. <– I finally found an excuse to grab me an IO domain