Things have been really busy here with an addin project that I cannot reveal at the moment…. but just so you know that work on the addins is still progressing, here is an update to the SetTheme with a few features that people have been asking for!

ADDED: The palette selection now uses the Krypton Palette Selector controls found on CodePlex which gives a much improved interface.
ADDED: Now supports custom themes!
ADDED: Comes with 4 custom themes to get you started (these were originally found on the Krypton Toolkit Forums)
ADDED: Addin download package also includes the Krypton Palette Designer so you can create your own IDE themes.


Features that are still on the to-do list:

  • Provide further theming of IDE controls that are not changed by the Krypton Palette system. (I have a prototype for this in development but it will take a little while to get it right)
  • It might be nice to be able to include Text Editor schemes as part of a theme “package”. I am sure there would be a way to import these.
  • Connect to a theme “repository” so that you can upload your own themes and download others.
  • IDE con theming support
  • ??? Got any good ideas ???
Download: download SetTheme.sdaddin
Version: 0.5
Updated: June 3, 2011
Size: 2.4 MB
Downloads: 1,288