This one came to my attention a while back because of something that happens in the “Make all toolbars the same size” feature of my MainToolbarExtras addin. When the addin first adjusts the toolbar sizes it would trigger the HtmlHelp2 template to refresh its indexes. While not much of an issue depending on your hardware, this takes at least a little time and is annoying. Also, having a gazillion Pads in the IDE for a help system that is of no use just seems silly.

Normally you can just go to the AddinManager, select “Show Pre Installed Addins” and disable the addin you don’t want.


However, the HtmlHelp2 addin is a little bit special. It contains a special property in the addin definition; addInManagerHidden = "true" so you cannot actually see it in the Addin Manager!

The way to get rid of it is to delete or rename the HtmlHelp2 addin files.

  1. Close the IDE
  2. Navigate to \Clarion8\Bin\Addins\Misc\HtmlHelp2
  3. Delete or rename the two *.addin files (if you choose to rename them, rename the extension e.g. HtmlHelp2.addin.bak)
  4. Next time you start the IDE the HtmlHelp2 Menu items and Pads will no longer be there!


Of course you will have to redo this each time you load a new release from SoftVelocity…

Interestingly it should be possible for SV to “register” their help file so that it displays in the HtmlHelp2 UI but for some reason they have not done this.