Turns out I just couldn’t leave this one alone today…

This update brings several new features thanks to the SmartPropertyGrid used in Clarion7.

I have added a new Sub Menu to the original context menu called Additional Settings. It may be possible one day to implement a property grid so you can configure the settings of the property grid but for now that just hurts my head so I chose a few good ones:

  • Show Additional Indentation – When set to true, displays Property indentations as the Microsoft PropertyGrid does (except for the first level whose +/- glyphs won’t appear in the left most column).
  • Auto Adjust Label Column – Resizes the label column to adjust itself to the longest label.
    • I had a little difficulty finding an appropriate event to use for this so there may be some occasions when it doesn’t resize but most of the time it should be good enough.
  • Themes (using the DrawManger) – There are 3 build in themes and an additional Dark theme that I have borrowed from the SmartPropertyGrid code example.

If you are interested, download the demo of the SmartPropertyGrid and take a look at the documentation to see what else could be possible. Of particular interest might be the different kinds of keyboard navigation that are available (see page 76 of the PDF!)

Some screen shots of the new features


Default Theme showing new sub menuBasic ThemeLight ThemeDark Theme


Download: download PropertyGridExtras.sdaddin
Version: 0.2
Updated: June 3, 2011
Size: 10.69 KB
Downloads: 746