Due to popular demand I have expanded the Set Toolbar Size feature from v0.2 to optionally set the size for ALL accessible toolbars in the IDE!

At the moment there are two known exceptions:
1. The “Application Editor” is not available for manipulation by addins at this time
2. The ”Entity Browser” for individual tables in the DCT Explorer does not refresh correctly. This means that when you double click on table for editing the toolbar of the new tab will not resize until a focus change event occurs.

How To:

  1. Download the latest version of MainToolbarExtras.sdaddin
  2. Install or update using the addin manager
  3. Restart the IDE
  4. Right click on the Main Toolbar (anywhere) to get a context menu like this:image




Download: download MainToolbarExtras.sdaddin
Version: 0.3
Updated: May 10, 2011
Size: 11.82 KB
Downloads: 1,169