UPDATE (06 Oct 2010): v0.2
* The “Cancel Generation” button will now be disabled until generation is actually in progress!
* The imports used by this addin are no longer relative to its location so you can put the addin file where ever you want (in the appropriate addin locations of course!)

This is a quick little Addin for the Clarion7 IDE which will put some cancel buttons on the output pad. I couldn’t seem to get the hide/unhide conditions to work properly so the buttons are always visible and enabled even when there is not build or generate in progress. Maybe one day when I have more time I will have another go at it!

To install just download the file below and place it in  “\Clarion7\accessory\addins\” (restart the IDE if it was already open). If that directory doesn’t exist yet just make a new one.



Download: download CancelBuildButtons.addin
Version: 0.3
Updated: October 17, 2010
Size: 1.37 KB
Downloads: 897