Recently I was working with JP to make some adjustments to the AccessoryMenu addin so he could have the Accessory sub menu at the top instead of the bottom of the help menu. While I was in there I decided to make a few more tweaks and add some support for translations.

I have uploaded the VS source code as well as the compiled binaries to Google Project Hosting in case anyone wants to play –

Note: This has not been approved by the Clarion 3rd Party Association as an official update to the Clarion7 install standard so please use your common sense when considering this addin! I wanted to make the source available so that if there is interested perhaps others would like to contribute.

Other Note: I am also evaluating Google Project Hosting as a possible destination for the source of all the other addins. They are currently being hosted on but the google option looks like it has pretty sweet support for open source projects which I think is what I want to do with the current addins. I would love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment or send me an email.