This post is a heads up to let you know that the syntax highlighting package for Clarion, SublimeClarion, is now available from Sublime Package Control!

If you have not done so already, first install Sublime Package Control as described here then install the SublimeClarion package via the command palette. .. couldn’t be easier! More details on command palette usage here.





I discovered this little beauty the other day, SSMS Tools Pack for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio from a developer in Slovenia. I haven’t had a chance to make use of everything in the package yet but so for it has been pretty neat. The Query Execution History has been pretty handy.


From the website:

SSMS Tools Pack is an add-in for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 and their respective Express versions.
It contains a few upgrades to the SSMS IDE that I thought were missing.




Get it here –

Recently I have been doing a fair amount of work trying to automate parts of the development process, in particular the version control aspects. I ran into what appeared to be limitations in the length of parameters accepted by the Clarion templates #RUN statement. Searching the newsgroups there were a few comments from people having similar issues and the symptoms were seemed a little sporadic. I decided that the safest way was to write the commands out to a temporary batch file and use #RUN to just call that.

For anyone who finds themselves managing many different remote clients. Support for Microsoft Remote Desktop and VNC.

I have been using this great utility for some time now. It has become such a part of my day to day use that I often forget about it. Simple, unobtrusive and gets the job done.

Well worth a closer look: Remote Desktop Manager