Can you come on next week and give us a short chat about what you are going to talk about at DevCon and why you want to go?

John{PROP:Hickey} & Arnold Young

I am coming to CIDC2013!

The last (and only!) Devcon I went to was the Aussie DevCon, Sydney 2007. Lots of fun though I only managed to meet a few of the visitors. Since then I have gotten to know a few more of you lovely Clarion folks online and I am looking forward to meeting everyone in person.

Of course I also hope to increase the profile for my Clarion related projects and demonstrate to everyone just how much their development lives can be improved 🙂 John and Arnold have helped out immensely with getting me over there for CIDC2013 and I am looking forward to a super conference!

The following is a short video showing one of the new wizards I have been working on this last week.

The program is written in Clarion, the skinning is using the Noyantis Clarion wrapper around the Codejock skin framework, the wizard design is “inspired” by this article – Silverlight Metro Style Wizard (ok, it is practially a duplicate but I was curious to see how close I could get with Clarion!) and the icons are created with the Metro Studio by Syncfusion.

If you have been following on the skype cw-talk chat or on twitter you may have seen a few in progress screenshots 🙂



That poor tired old “TealGray Retro Theme” I hacked around to work the way I wanted was well over due for replacement. In line with my current focus on UI clean-ups for work related projects I found this great Metro.Press theme – “ is a responsive premium WordPress Theme inspired by metro design” which seems to fit very nicely. It’s amazing how hard it is to find a nice simple theme that isn’t designed around massive amounts of graphics. Anyway, this should also work very nicely from a mobile or tablet.



Things have been pretty busy with work these last few weeks and I am waiting to see, along with everyone else, what happens with Clarion 8. There are still loads of addin ideas and plenty of additional features and fixes waiting for the existing addins so things have certainly not stopped, just on a little break.

I suppose something I should be doing in the meantime is getting the source code uploaded!

(Also, stay tuned for the ClarionMag article. It should coming any day now I am sure…)