This is something I have been wanting to work on for a long, long time. I think that I finally have all the technical aspect sorted that will allow me to make this happen. Now it is just a matter of time, money and effort… ahh, for more rainy days 🙂

The “dashboard” is vaguely modelled on the VS2012 version with the Start and Recent items there to the left. I figure the “News Feeds” could be configurable and possibly for more than just RSS/Twitter type feeds but for now I think this is a good start.

Some of the ideas I have planned:

Update 19th March 2013 – New screenshot from George

JP from DMC posted some screenshots to the newsgroup over the weekend showing off his latest UI enhancements using the ClarionMetroWizard classes. Nice work JP, looking great!

Look what Brahn’s help can do for our apps ….


Wizard form with next and previous buttons …..

MERCI Brahn – excellent work you did there

DMC Settings Used without tab/sheet on message windows. Revamped Capesoft SendTo!

George has also kindly shared his initial experiment (with more on the way!):

Looking good George!

It is exciting to see some discussion going on about UI. I wanted to join the party with some of my own examples 🙂

My favourite skin/highlights combination. Getting a little creative now... Or just a wee bit funky :)

This is the "full" form connected to the wizard for comparison.


If you have anything to share let me know and I will update this post with more examples as they come in!


This is something I have been working on gradually over the last few weeks. I just really want to show it off a bit and see what interest there might be. Hopefully even get some suggestions and ideas to make it even more awesome. This is the short version, I will do a bigger write up when it is closer to completion.

The new LogViewer addin from ClarionAddins uses the really cool SnakeTail – “Windows Tail Utility to Monitor Trace Log Files” project (check it out, a great utility on its own) to show a real time scrolling display of your Clarion (or anything really) database trace log right there in the IDE!

I am still working on getting all the parts working smoothly but its in use daily here and making my life easier already 🙂

Hopefully a screenshot will explain more:

LogViewer in thge IDE!


Presenting the ClarionMetroWizard!

Topics Covered

Setting up

Some background


If a child class has the IMPLEMENTS attribute for an interface implemented above in it in the hierarchy, not all of the interface’s methods have to be overridden.

  • ce_TabList Class – Originally inspired I think by the office 2007 options window this class that I already had was a nice starting point for the metro wizard.
  • ce_MetroWizardForm Class – Finally the class that does the rest of the work!

Live Demo

  • Compile the project APP and look at some of the features
  • Implement in (if there is time)
    • Delete the SCHOOL004.clw from the solution
    • Compile and make sure it all looks normal.
    • Use the Students form as an example
    • Copy the required files into the directory
      • _classes
      • resources
    • Global embeds, After Global Includes
      • Include(‘’),ONCE
    • UpdateStudents procedure
      • re-arrange the form to work with the metro class
      • Enlarge the window and sheet
      • Shift all controls to the right and down a bit
      • Set Sheet tab location to left with a width of 100 or so.
      • Add Tab display prompts: ?PromptTabHeader, ?PromptTabDetail (make sure to set their tab order!)
      • Set some PROP:Tip text on the tabs
      • Set form background to COLOR:White
      • Add MetroForm class and Init
  • Demo of Trips2012 application that is using these wizard (and more!)

Bonus Features


Hopefully there is time to go through everything. The classes are pretty hacked together but they do what I need for now 🙂



A while back I posted a short video of the Booking Wizard I was working on for a client (follow the link for some of the original screenshots, twitter announcements, etc).

Finally there has been the time and the need to make this into a class. The code is up on GitHub and as soon as I post this article I have to start actually implementing the class into the real project so you probably wont see me for a few days 🙂

I would love to hear what you think and what you end up doing with the code. Feel free to fork the project and contribute back any changes you make too…

Design Time View Run time view!

Built in themesOther features


Go take a look at the ClarionMetroWizard GitHub Repo !

Oh, and for the impatient.. try the pre-compiled demo!