ClarionLive Webinar#227

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Can you come on next week and give us a short chat about what you are going to talk about at DevCon and why you want to go?

John{PROP:Hickey} & Arnold Young

I am coming to CIDC2013!

The last (and only!) Devcon I went to was the Aussie DevCon, Sydney 2007. Lots of fun though I only managed to meet a few of the visitors. Since then I have gotten to know a few more of you lovely Clarion folks online and I am looking forward to meeting everyone in person.

Of course I also hope to increase the profile for my Clarion related projects and demonstrate to everyone just how much their development lives can be improved 🙂 John and Arnold have helped out immensely with getting me over there for CIDC2013 and I am looking forward to a super conference! Walkthrough

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Latest News…

  • The Beta is progressing, go and sign up if you are interested!
  • ClarionAddin updates for Clarion 9 compatibility have been released along with updated product download emails and the newsletter should be heading out soon. (Please let me know if you still cannot download addin updates!)
  • Checkout the roadmap for a general idea of where is headed.
  • I just updated the beta installer to be C3PA friendly.
  • And now there is a video walkthrough of the beta for you to checkout!!

Sneak preview of

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As mentioned in a previous post I have been working on a new StartPage for the Clarion IDE. This resulted in a crash course of ruby, jekyll, html, javascript and a whole bunch of other things in the last week with me scrabbling madly to get some structure in place for the new project. The details are still in a huge amount of flux but the basic idea is to have a super useful IDE StartPage that looks great and does what you need, and of course a bunch of other things you might need sometimes or might not but are also cool 🙂

Update 23 July 2013 – I have added another screenshot!!!

Update 29 July 2013 – Another screenshot, almost ready for general beta release!!

At the same time I am working hard on bringing all the ClarionAddins into the fold and compatibility with Clarion9 along the way. This is progressing well and I hope to have some results in a few weeks. The major push for the outline of this work is pretty much done. The next step is to workup a more details road-map showing what features are coming up and their expected delivery dates.

So this is really just a teaser at the moment but please ask questions and send feature requests!

image image image


Beta v2.1!



p.s. <– I finally found an excuse to grab me an IO domain

This last week I have had my head buried in a project to merge several databases into a few common ones. One of my clients is finding that a lot of smaller companies are combining their presence for various reasons and with it comes the need to merge what were previously very separate installations. Blah, blah, that is the boring stuff. What it means is that I have to do a bunch of things to make it work. These programs have a long history and as you can imagine with the “evolving” nature of vertical market software they also have a lot of baggage in their implementation. From what I have seen this is just a fact of life. It sure does make for some interesting jobs though!

If I get a chance I might try to blog about some of the other techniques I learnt while working on this project. Lots of SQL manipulations that are pretty cool, lots of mistakes and back tracks and lots of things I just wish there was a tool that could do the job for me. First though, this is something that I hacked together using powershell to rename a directory full of word documents that had a unique identifier embedded in the name.

The Situation

Two databases were being combined, Client records in database A would remain as they were. All Clients from Database B were copied into database A and received a newly generated SysID (Identity column) when they were inserted. The original SysID was stored in a column of the Clients table (ReferralSysID) for later reference. It could have been a temp table but this old ID was going to be needed for other things so it was decided to put it in the table itself.