The experiment that was ClarionWiki has come to an end. The long awaited discourse discussion platform has reached enough maturity for me to be able to install and manage it so I found an excuse and ClarionHub is born!!

Once again this is an experiment but already I have found a good use for it as a part of the addin. The API for pulling things out of Discourse is pretty neat and easy to use, I see good things ahead.

Please head over to , sign up and start discussing stuff.


The other day I discovered that some data I was trying to display in a TEXT control was being truncated. At first I thought it was because of the way I was using the text control, here was my initial question on the CW-Talk skype chat:

Ok, I have one for you… So I have this on a window:


and at runtime put a string into the control like this:

?MyText{PROP:Text} = ‘blah blah’

Not sure why I used PROP:Text but it turns out this seems to work, mostly. However, it appears to have a limit of around 1000 chrs. My question, is this a valid way to use the TEXT control?
Follow up questions, is there a way to use the text control in the way I have declared it, without a variable, but not be limited in length?

Of course as soon as I posted it I figured out what I was doing wrong. Everywhere in my procedure I was using a string class to provide dynamically sized storage for the string data I was using except in this one place that was just before it was being shown on the window… In that case I was first saving the data to an IMDD (In Memory Database Driver) table using a CSTRING(1000). So of course, my displayed data was no bigger than 1000 characters!

Can you come on next week and give us a short chat about what you are going to talk about at DevCon and why you want to go?

John{PROP:Hickey} & Arnold Young

I am coming to CIDC2013!

The last (and only!) Devcon I went to was the Aussie DevCon, Sydney 2007. Lots of fun though I only managed to meet a few of the visitors. Since then I have gotten to know a few more of you lovely Clarion folks online and I am looking forward to meeting everyone in person.

Of course I also hope to increase the profile for my Clarion related projects and demonstrate to everyone just how much their development lives can be improved 🙂 John and Arnold have helped out immensely with getting me over there for CIDC2013 and I am looking forward to a super conference!

This is something I have been wanting to work on for a long, long time. I think that I finally have all the technical aspect sorted that will allow me to make this happen. Now it is just a matter of time, money and effort… ahh, for more rainy days 🙂

The “dashboard” is vaguely modelled on the VS2012 version with the Start and Recent items there to the left. I figure the “News Feeds” could be configurable and possibly for more than just RSS/Twitter type feeds but for now I think this is a good start.

Some of the ideas I have planned:

If you are getting a lot of \bin\*.xlog files you might want to try the following.

Note: If you are curious you can use my free IdeDebug addin to view the contents of the xlog files before you delete them. For my own personal curiosity, let me know if you are seeing anything other than what is mentioned here.


The most common one is this:

SoftVelocity.TextTransform has not been loaded because it requires

To stop it, delete or rename this file: