This addin was already mentioned a few weeks ago but since then there have been a few improvements and I think it is time for a new post.

The most obvious change is that you can now optionally turn off the button labels (as requested by John Hickey!). This is controlled from the options window:


Another neat change has been some new icons giving the buttons a much cleaner look:



Warning: If you already have the Cancel Build addin installed you MUST remove it before installing this version! The old one was installed manually to the “\Clarion7\accessory\addins” path but this new sdaddin package will go to the roaming folder.

Download: download CancelBuildButtons.sdaddin
Version: 0.3
Updated: July 11, 2011
Size: 10.47 KB
Downloads: 783

(11th Nov 2010) * Be careful if you use this command on the last line of code of an embed whilst in the “source” view of a procedure. The editor doesn’t seem to be updated properly after the line is removed and the save process will not function as expected. Thanks to Peter for pointing this out.

One of my favourites in C6 was the Ctrl+Y shortcut. This simple addin brings it back to you with the new shortcut of Ctrl+Shift+Y !!


Download: download RemoveLine.sdaddin
Version: 0.1
Updated: June 3, 2011
Size: 2.77 KB
Downloads: 721

This is a remake of the existing addin you will find in the Edit\Insert menu. I have enhanced it somewhat using the Zeta Color Editor instead of the standard ColorDialog.

At the moment this just places a clarion friendly code at the location of your cursor. It might be nice at some point to enhance this to be aware of the available clarion color equates and use them where appropriate too. Maybe for v2 !

Insert Clarion Color available from menu and toolbarUsing the Zeta Color EditorInserted into your source!


Download: download InsertClarionColor.sdaddin
Version: 0.1
Updated: June 3, 2011
Size: 83.91 KB
Downloads: 777

This addin allows you to select word on the text editor by pressing Ctrl+W, or extending the current selected block.

This is recompile of the SharpSelectWord addin available for SharpDevelop. The original can be found here –

You will find a few more listed in the SharpDevelop wiki –

Source is available for Visual Studio 2008 although you may want to adjust the output paths and post-build action to match your environment.

Compiled version is installed the same way as the ClearErrors addin.

Download: download SharpSelectWord.sdaddin
Version: 0.1
Updated: June 3, 2011
Size: 5.58 KB
Downloads: 745
Download: download
Version: 0.1
Updated: October 11, 2010
Size: 54.77 KB
Downloads: 411

UPDATE (15 Oct 2010): v0.3
* ADDED: Select All and Copy All buttons!
UPDATE (09 Oct 2010): v0.2
* Now supports localization of button label and tooltip

How to install: the pictures should tell the story.

Download addin package: link is  after the pictures 🙂