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Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, html and prose. You’ll love the slick user interface and extraordinary features.

I must say that after a few days of use I totally agree! This is looking like the top contender to replace TextPad, something I have been trying to do for years without any success. TextPad is great but falls short in a few places and until now I have not found anything that comes close to its ease of use and performance…

Of course there is no syntax definition available for clarion files by default so I have made a start on one.

Disclaimer, I am new to Sublime Text as well as GitHub but I will plug away at it for a while and see what comes out!

You should take a look at the official help for creating Syntax Definitions before trying to understand the files in the GitHub repo. When it is a little more mature I will create a package that can be loaded easily, for now you will have to do it the hard way 🙂

Grab the code for SublimeClarion on GitHub.




This one came to my attention a while back because of something that happens in the “Make all toolbars the same size” feature of my MainToolbarExtras addin. When the addin first adjusts the toolbar sizes it would trigger the HtmlHelp2 template to refresh its indexes. While not much of an issue depending on your hardware, this takes at least a little time and is annoying. Also, having a gazillion Pads in the IDE for a help system that is of no use just seems silly.

Normally you can just go to the AddinManager, select “Show Pre Installed Addins” and disable the addin you don’t want.


However, the HtmlHelp2 addin is a little bit special. It contains a special property in the addin definition; addInManagerHidden = "true" so you cannot actually see it in the Addin Manager!

The way to get rid of it is to delete or rename the HtmlHelp2 addin files.

  1. Close the IDE
  2. Navigate to \Clarion8\Bin\Addins\Misc\HtmlHelp2
  3. Delete or rename the two *.addin files (if you choose to rename them, rename the extension e.g. HtmlHelp2.addin.bak)
  4. Next time you start the IDE the HtmlHelp2 Menu items and Pads will no longer be there!


Of course you will have to redo this each time you load a new release from SoftVelocity…

Interestingly it should be possible for SV to “register” their help file so that it displays in the HtmlHelp2 UI but for some reason they have not done this.


PropertyPadExtras is available over at

NOTE: This is still a work in progress but I plan to have it ready for release next week.

So far it is working for all the main property grids except those in reports. I am very excited to have got this code working and I think it will be a huge productivity boost.

The property grid state is saved on a per "context" basis. This means that, for example, all buttons in the window designer will have the same expanded/contracted categories in their property grid. Same with lists, prompts, etc.

This week I will be concentrating on stabilising and testing this new feature as well as making sure it also works in all areas of the IDE! If I get a chance some other ideas are: expand/contract all buttons, filter grid items, hide grid items.

Here is a short video showing how it works.




Inspired by a recent newsgroup thread and my latest experiments in Clarion –> DotNet interop I have put together a simple program that shows you how to use the Zeta Color Editor from a clarion app!



The Zeta Color Editor is from an article in The Code Project and I have adapted it slightly to include a “Clarion Code” entry control as well as the “HTML code” it comes with. You may remember this control from the awesome InsertClarionColor addin.

This is the complete C# code used to call the Zeta Color Editor:

The clarion declaration looks like this:

The zip file contains a clarion 8 solution (app file, etc), compiled exe for the impatient, the C# wrapper (ColorPicker.dll) and the ZetaColorEditor.dll. This should be everything you need to do your own testing. The original source for the ZetaColorEditor is found at the Code Project link at the beginning of this post, my customisations can be found at the clarion-addins google project page.

Download: download
Version: 0.1
Updated: September 20, 2011
Size: 852.29 KB
Downloads: 684

I am astonished it has taken me this long to post an announcement here, it just goes to show how busy I have been I think. Anyway, a long time in the making with loads of little tweaks required I am now proud to announce that my new website, dedicated to Addins for the Clarion IDE has been released for public consumption! 🙂

I plan to continue to blog here, the new site is more about making the addins easier to find and support.