Add-in – (aka. plugin, component) The add-in is the basic building block of the SharpDevelop (/Clarion7) component model. An addin is defined by an .addin XML definition file, and typically one (or more) Assemblies.

Here are some helpful starting points:

Download Addins from !

C7 Addin development status
(Current information about the ClarionEdge addin project)

Some Addin Links
(Loads of information on addins, how they work and what you can do with them)

Addin related posts available on this site:

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  • Roelf


    HI, Your Theme add-in is a good idea. I have one question, can you not allow us to change the white/gray background of the IDE as well. This is the most irritating part of the IDE, As a bonus allow the pads to be set to a different color.

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  • brahn


    Hi Roelf,
    Glad you like the addin! The upcoming version of the SetTheme addin will allow you to apply a custom theme so maybe you can give it a go then. I think though, if you want to change the background colours of the code editor you will need to investigate user-defined highlighting schemes. See “Tools–>Options–>Text Editor–>Highlighting” and copy the “clarion” built-in scheme to user-defined and modify the “Environment colors”. I will see what I can do about the pads 🙂

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