Hi, my name is Brahn. As a Clarion developer since before the year 2000 I find great enjoyment in working with Clarion and giving something back to the community when I can. This site is dedicated to all the interesting things I discover a as I navigate my way through various pieces of code.

Hopefully there will be something here that you will find interesting too!



Brahn Partridge started his career as a musician and audio technologist and gradually migrated to a full time developer in 2001. He has been working as a freelancer in Australia since 1998 and relocated to Holland in 2007. When not working for money he maintains a website at www.ClarionEdge.com and tinkers with various other programming projects. He still enjoys playing music when time allows and is having a great time exploring the world with his wife and 10 month old son.


ClarionEdge is dedicated to all things Clarion related with an aim to bring an “edge” to your development process.

Sounds nice and corny eh 😉

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  • Fred Charlot


    Great ideas presented during the webinar. Thank you very much for all the research.

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    • brahn


      Thanks for the feedback, it was good fun and I look forward to seeing what ideas other people come up with!

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